Greater coordination throughout sectors is pivotal to reducing occupational cancer risk via proof-primarily based coverage and regulation.Receiving lump sum compensation can impact funds from the Department of Social Security (DSS). Generally, your pension or different benefit will solely be affected if you are receiving a DSS benefit and make a cl… Read More

One of the more common types of cancer that you will find in the United States is squamous cell lung cancer. It is concluded that asbestos bodies in sputum and bronchial washing specimens are highly specific markers for past asbestos exposure and reflect the presence of a significant asbestos load within the lungs. When a person breathes high leve… Read More

In response to the brand new laws introduced in 2003, the MPMSAA - with financial assist from WorkSafe Victoria - has embarked on an Asbestos Awareness and Education Program to ship a message to each plumber concerning the hazards of asbestos and to encourage improved compliance with new Victorian OH&S (Asbestos) regulations and secure asbestos man… Read More

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